4chan Cybersquats on EA's Star Wars Domain

By Nick Cowen on at

If you're going to make a game based around a world renowned gaming franchise, it behooves you to make sure you've paid top dollar for every single conceivable variation on its URL. This is a lesson that Electronic Arts is finding out the hard way as members of 4chan's /v/ board have demonstrated this afternoon.

Apparently board members on the online forum bought up the domain names eastarwars.com and eastarwarsbattlefront.com, which at the time, were unregistered. Point your browser at either of them and you'll be greeted with some serious burns – towards EA, rather than your good self, that is.

Click on the former and you'll see a notification that Star Wars: Battlefront has been cancelled, along with a checklist about how inferior the forthcoming iteration is compared to its predecessor. Oh, and at the bottom you'll see a list of studios entitled 'Victims Of EA'; most of them are no longer going concerns, but last time we checked, BioWare was still in business. Click on the latter and you'll see the same thing except it's slowly revealed by a skull playing a trumpet.

All of these shenanigans were spotted by Eurogamer, who report that the 4chan account claiming responsibility said that they wanted to "extort EA into eventually forking over some money". Eurogamer says that EA has yet to respond to requests for any comment.

Incidentally, if you're interested, the official website for EA's upcoming Star War: Battlefront is starwars.ea.com - and you'll see that if you chuck the game's title into Google. And it hasn't been cancelled. Relax.