Android M Will Take on iOS With Touch ID-Rivalling Fingerprint Security

By Gerald Lynch on at

With Google I/O sitting just over the horizon, a few snippets on what's likely to feature in the next version of Android are starting to trickle through. Android M (I'm putting my money on it standing for Android "Marshmallow", just in the hope I can waste time Photoshopping the Ghostbusters Stay Puft guy onto the Android mascot) could be looking to up the Google OS's security credentials with the introduction of a standardised fingerprint scanning system.

The rumour comes from sources speaking to Buzzfeed's tech team, stating that the fingerprint scanner will be used primarily as a means of bypassing the need to enter lengthy passwords for individual apps. The unnamed source however doesn't shed light on how Google plans to implement this, nor what sort of hardware will be needed to support it.

Android is no stranger to finger-scanning phones, but a standardised system for all manufacturers to use could help convince users of the security measure's reliability. Certainly, it'd make it easy for app developers to work along with just one set of finger-scanning standards, and would be more-or-less a like for like competitor to Apple's Touch ID. [Buzzfeed]