Ballater Old Royal Station Railway Museum Destroyed by Fire

By Gerald Lynch on at

The Ballater Old Royal Station, Scotland's historic railway museum, has been left devastated by a fire which tore through the building during the early hours of this morning.

The blaze at the Aberdeenshire attraction is thought to have started at around 2am, at which point emergency services were called. It took around 50 firefighters to get the fire under control by around 5.20 am this morning. But around 90 per cent of the building had been seriously damaged by that point, according to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. Thankfully, no one has been harmed.

"Operations will continue for several hours to extinguish any hot spots and prevent further fire spread," said Group manager John Morgan.

"The crews fought hard to save parts of the museum area."

Ballater Old Royal Station

A beautiful wooden building that had been only recently restored, it was a key stop for dignitaries on their way by rail to Balmoral Castle along the Deeside Railway. With the current museum featuring design elements approved by Queen Victoria (including her waiting room), the fire-damaged museum had areas that dated back to 1866. It also included a replica of the Royal carriage that had taken Queen Victoria to Scotland in 1869.

Image Credits: @StStMegs / Leelah Hutchen