Blizzard Gives Hearthstone Players Free Cards to Say Sorry for Downtime

By Nick Cowen on at

If you're an avid Hearthstone player and you're based in Europe, you might have noticed that there were some connection issues last week. While our American cousins battled blissfully away online, our experience was a little more hit and miss.

Well, to say sorry for these issues, Blizzard is offering European players some free Hearthstone cards. European Hearthstone accounts will receive two free Classic Hearthstone packs - that's ten cards with a guarantee of at least two of them being of rare quality. You'll be notified of the new packs the moment you boot up the game and you'll find them in your 'Open Packs' section of the menu.

However, perhaps to prevent any Johnny-(or Janey-)come-latelys from taking advantage of this, you have to have created your Hearthstone account prior to the 3rd of May of this year. So if you're a noob, it sucks to be you. [Eurogamer]