China is Building a Glass-Bottom Suspension Bridge

By Nick Cowen on at

Are you afraid of heights? Unable to stare over the lip of a building without going weak at the knees? Well, in that case we suggest you avoid a new project that's being working on in China. Looking down through it may just force your lunch up.

According to Business Insider, Zhangjiajie's national park is about to open the world's longest suspension bridge – one that has a glass floor. Strung between two cliffs in one of the most beautiful vistas on Earth, the bridge is 380 metres long (1,247 feet), and six metres wide (20 feet). Look down and you'll see a plunge of 300 metres (984 feet) – just the sort of thing to make your stomach lurch.

The bridge, which has been designed by Israeli architects, can accommodate up to 800 people at a time. But it's not just going to be a magnet for tourists: the report states the bridge will also be home to the world's longest bungee jump, which apparently is currently China's own Macau Tower. It will also serve as a runway for fashion shows, because hell, why not?

The bridge is set to be completed this June with its official opening taking place in October. So if the idea of walking across it appeals to you, hang fire on those plane tickets until autumn.