Cricketer Loses Wicket to Obscure (Unsporting) Rule

By Gary Cutlack on at

Lymington batsman Bryn Darbyshire is the unfortunate holder of a world first in the cricketing world, after falling victim to an odd and somewhat unsporting rule in the dusty old laws of the game.

Darbyshire was batting against the South Wilts cricket club, when the umpire declared a "no ball" had been bowled, thanks to the bowler overstepping his line. That's all perfectly normal. Darbyshire then made his mistake. The ball stopped beside him after he clipped it with his bat, so he picked it up and tossed it to a rival fielder so that play could continue.

And that was his crime. Batsmen are expected to gain the permission of opponents via a nod or a wink before touching the ball in such a situation, according to Rule 33 of the official Laws of Cricket. But he didn't, so his rivals appealed for a dismissal which was given.

Darbyshire is not very happy about it, claiming he was "taking apart" the bowler at the time and this was a deliberate unsporting act designed to get him out. He explained: I don't think the umpire did anything wrong but I think it was bad sportsmanship on the part of our opponents."

Lymington subsequently suffered a bit of a batting collapse and lost the match. [The Times]

Image credit: Cricket from Shutterstock