Google Clamps Down on Shady Android App Permissions

By Nick Cowen on at

If you're an Android user who has found themselves irked by the amount of information the apps on your device can access without your permission, Google has some good news for you. Kind of.

According to Bloomberg, Google is planning to give smart platform users more control over what information apps can access on their devices.

Their sources – who declined to be named in any official capacity – will allow Android owners to individually turn off access that apps have to features such as photos, videos and contacts. The source said that Google is expected to announce these changes at the developer's conference in San Francisco next month.

Apps tapping into information on Android devices has been something of an irritant among their user base for quite some time now. This may be why, to a degree, its share in the market has fallen: in Europe it dipped to 69 per cent from 70 per cent the previous year.