Google I/O 2015: All the Major Announcements From Team Android

By Gerald Lynch on at

Google's putting out the party hats and hanging up the bunting as it kicks off its annual Google I/O love-in for 2015. Though aimed primarily aimed at developers, the conference is a great place to find out all the latest news on what Google has planned for the next year. From Android M through to Google Glass 2, there's plenty for the search giant to cover, with the event's keynote kicking off at 5.30pm GMT.

It can be a lot to keep track of, but that's where we come in. Here's the deal -- you keep this page bookmarked and regularly refreshed, and we'll make sure to pop all the announcements in so you can find all the big news in one handy place. If you're settling in for a long night of Google-goodness, you'll also be able to find a link to a livestream just below here too. Enjoy!

Android M is Here, and So is Google's Smartphone Future

The future of Android is here. Android M (I’m still hoping for Muffin) is the software that will power Android smartphones beginning in the autumn of 2015. Read More >>

Google's New Cardboard Hands-On: A Little Bigger, A Little Better

The crazy cheap virtual reality viewer does have a new version that’s bigger and better than ever. Read More >>

Google Photos First Impressions: So Good, I'm Freaked Out

I have taken 1235 photos and videos with my phone since May 28th 2014, most of which I will never look at, Even if there are good photos, I’ll probably miss them. It’s just too much shit to crunch with my puny human brain. Can the new Google Photos help? Read More >>

Google Maps, Chrome, and YouTube Will be Available Offline

There’s nothing more frustrating than cueing up a set of Google Maps directions to your destination only to lose service and have them evaporate while you’re in transit. Google's fixing that problem. Read More >>

Google’s New Android Features, As Told By GIFs

Here’s the very first look at Android M in the subtle art of the GIF. Read More >>

Google Now on Tap Hands-On: Contextual Awesomeness

It certainly has the potential to save a lot of time and clicking. Read More >>

Google Cardboard Now Works With iOS

Google’s Clay Bavor just told everyone at Google I/O that there are over a million Google Cardboard headsets in the world today. Soon there’s about to be a whole lot more. Read More >>

Google’s Using An Insane GoPro Rig and YouTube to Bring VR to Everyone

It’s just one part of making content using Google’s new Jump system—a solution that standardises every step of creating VR content. This is how VR goes mainstream. Read More >>

New Google Platform Will Save Your Passwords on Third-Party Apps

Straight up too much time is spent punching a wide array of passwords for various apps onto the tiny text fields of our phones. Google’s trying to fix that with the Identity Platform. Read More >>

Google Photos Helps You Take Control of Your 98657 Bajillion Pictures

It’s unlimited photo and video storage, plus some smart design and brains to make a huge number of photos manageable. It launches today on Android, iOS, and desktop. Read More >>

Google Announces Brillo and Weave to Control Your Smart Home

Google Announces Brillo and Weave to Control the Internet of Things

Developed with the engineers from Nest, the new Android-based OS is designed to be very streamlined, so that any connected object can communicate with another. Read More >>

Google's Inbox App is Now Available For Everyone

Inbox, aka Google’s attempt at fixing the cesspool that is email, is no longer invite only. You can download it right now at the Apple or Google Play store. Read More >>

Android Pay is Google Wallet, Upgraded

Everyone suspected that Google had a big announcement about a new payments system at I/O, and everyone was right. But there's nothing about a UK release. Read More >>

Google’s Craziest Moonshots (And Where They Are Now)

A lot has changed in the past two years at Google X and the company’s other affiliated research projects. Read More >>

What to Expect at Google I/O 2015: Android M, Brillo and More (Updated)

We've scratched our heads, stroked our beards and burnt the midnight oil to round up all the things we think are likely to show up during this year's Google I/O conference. Read More >

Google I/O 2015: Watch the Keynote Livestream Right Here

Time to pop your Android phone on silent and dust off your Google+ account. Read More >>