Have You Tasted the World's Most Popular Beer?

By Gary Cutlack on at

What's the most popular beer in the world? Fosters? Budweiser? Tesco Value 1.2% Generic Lager Drink For Sad Men Who Don't Care What People Think of Their Basket Contents? None of those. It's something you've probably never tasted from the emerging global quaffing behemoth of China.

According to market share stats published on Bloomberg, the most widely drunk beer in the world is a Chinese brand called Snow. Its huge popularity in China means it tops the global beer consumption rankings with 5.4 per cent of all international sales. The second best seller is also a Chinese brand, and one we may have seen on the odd emergency off licence shopping spree -- Tsingtao.

Tsingtao has a mere 2.8 per cent global market share, but that's enough to keep it ahead of Western big brand Budweiser, with its Bud Light option the third most consumed beer around the world. Bud Light's share of the market has fallen by 7 per cent since 2005, back when it was the number one global beer brand. The explosion of the Chinese economy has presumably given its people a bit more spare cash to blow on supermarket beer at the end of the month, hence its rise to the top of the beer consumption charts.

The only European entry in the top ten is Heineken, sitting at seventh spot with a global market share of 1.5 per cent. [Bloomberg]