iPad Pro Friendly Splitscreen Feature for iOS 9 Touted

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you're going to carry around a tablet the size of a full-fat laptop, you might as well benefit from some laptop-like features, too. According to 9to5Mac, some brand-new productivity based tools, ideally suited to the long-rumoured iPad Pro, will touch down at WWDC 2015 with the unveiling of iOS 9.

Chief among these will be a split screen mode for Apple's tablet devices. This would allow apps to run side-by-side, allowing for true multi-tasking functionality. Currently, Apple's iOS users can have multiple applications open at once, but must swap between them individually. While it'll currently be of benefit most to iPad Air 2 users trying to do serious work on its 9.7-inch screen, it'd come into its own on the 12.9-inch display that iPad Pro is rumoured to make use of.

The second important feature for business users would be the rumoured inclusion of multiple users accounts per device within iOS 9. From a consumer's point of view, this would allow a family to keep their personal files and apps cordoned off from one another's, allowing peace of mind when sharing the slate. But from a business perspective, it further positions the iPad as a viable laptop replacement, allowing companies to share the same device between multiple workers. With the iPad Pro rumoured to feature NFC technology to allow it to double up as a cash register, this would allow multiple cashiers to use a single iPad for payments during a shift, rather than each staff member needing an individual one.

With Apple's tablet-laptop-hybrid rivals like Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 at least offering some of the above functionality already, it's not as if Apple's breaking the mould with these ideas. But as tablet sales slow and Apple increasingly needs to seed the devices in business communities, nicking a few tried-and-tested workplace ideas won't do it any harm. [9to5Mac]