Kim Jong-Un Just Executed His Defence Chief With an Anti-Aircraft Gun

By Gerald Lynch on at

North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un is probably the world's worst boss. If you've found yourself in (the admiteddly locally relatively privileged) position of being in his cabinet, there's no HR team to turn to if he's giving you a hard time. In fact, pretty much all you can turn to is the door leading to the firing squad.

And boy, does Kim Jong-Un love a good execution. News is trickling out of the secretive totalitarian state this morning that the dictator has had his Defence Chief Hyon Yong-chol shot. And not just shot, but shot with an anti-aircraft gun, in front of an audience of hundreds.

Hyon Yong-chol's crime, aside vague murmurings of "disloyalty" are said to have included "backchat" and falling asleep at an event attended by the leader.

While it's near impossible to confirm details coming out of North Korea (it's said Kim Jong-Un is knocking off party officials at a rate of one a week), Hyon Yong-chol is thought to be one of the leader's closest aides. That Kim Jong-Un would react so brutally shows a leader that's impulsive, and clearly paranoid about the stability of his position.

It's far from the first time that Kim Jong-Un has dealt with his "enemies" with extreme violence. In January of last year, he was rumoured to have executed his uncle by feeding him to a cage of starved dogs.

Simply terrifying that a man so rash holds so much power. Still, it'll put it into perspective the next time your boss has a shout at you for rolling into work a few minutes late. [BBC]