KitKat is Having its Name Changed to the "YouTube Break"

By Nick Cowen on at

Well here's something Nigel Farage would probably have seized upon had it happened before he lost his chance at a seat as an MP: KitKat is to be rebranded. Albeit temporarily.

Nestle is replacing the logo on its chocolate snack to read 'YouTube Break' rather than 'KitKat'. Because, you know, KitKat's advertising catchphrase has always been 'Have A Break, Have A KitKat' and loads of people head over to YouTube these days, so you see? You see what they did there?

The YouTube logo will be emblazoned on over 600,000 KitKat bars, which have been described as 'limited edition'. So if you come across one of them, by all means, buy one and save it. Who knows? It may be worth something some day (no it won't -ed.).

The marketing scheme isn't the first time Nestle's confectionery has had a link with Google – after all, the Android developer named 4.4 KitKat, so there's that!

“As KitKat celebrates its 80th anniversary and YouTube turns ten this year, it is really exciting to be taking the partnership to a new phase with our most iconic brand and slogan, ‘Have a break, have a KitKat’", Fiona Kendrick, chief executive and chairman of Nestlé UK and Ireland told York Press.  "We’re passionate about giving something back to our consumers which lead us to the idea to ‘celebrate the breakers break."

“At Nestlé we’re delighted to be working with Google again," she added.

Apparently this is a temporary re-brand as even Google's bajillions aren't enough to entice Nestlé to toss decades of branding just for the sake of a hashtag. Normal service will be resumed – and remember to keep those limited edition choccies for eBay.