Lenovo Smart Cast Projector Phone Beams Out a Touchscreen Wherever You Want One

By Gerald Lynch on at

Lenovo may have not got their first when it comes to squeezing a projector inside a smartphone. That accolade belongs to Samsung for its Samsung Galaxy Beam range. All two of them. But with the Lenovo Smart Cast smartphone, Lenovo at least looks to be doing something a little more innovative with the technology.

Rather than just letting you fire out mini (and likely dull) projections of movies onto your walls, the Smart Cast instead can shoot out a touchscreen or virtual keyboard onto whichever surface it's placed next to. A world first in that it's using an integrated focus-free laser projector, it's a step away from the DLP tech that sits in more conventional pico projectors.

That detail aside, there's not much more to share on the Lenovo handset yet. It's running Android, that much is known, but whether or not it'll get a UK release, and whether the rest of its spec sheet is intriguing enough to justify what is sure to be a steep price tag remains to be seen. What we do have though is the video below, showing off that projection system in all its glory, so give it a look and see if you can ever picture yourself ditching your clackety-clack mechanical keyboard for one made of pure light instead.