Lowry Tipped to Win Arty £20 Note Battle

By Gary Cutlack on at

In an attempt to fend off another sexist-money online outrage, the Bank of England is asking the general public to suggest ideas for the face of the new English £20 note. So expect to see a talking cat from a mobile phone advert or Rihanna on our future money.

Of course that won't happen. There are safeguards in place to ensure the internet can't hijack the process and force a generation to look at the face of Tomasz Schafernaker every time they pull out a £20. The Bank of England wants people to "suggest" ideas for the star of the next note, asking us to pick a known face and name from the visual arts world.

There will, of course, be a committee involved, which will collate ideas and bin the stupid internet ones you thought were funny, before governor Mark Carney gets a shortlist to pick his favourite from. So there's hardly any public involvement at all, really, it's just to help avoid claims of sexist money when, inevitably, it's the face of a man or some men.

The star of the new £20 note for England will be announced in 2016, before hitting pockets some time over the next three to five years. Perpetually overlooked artist LS Lowry is one of the most hotly tipped early runners for inclusion, although the BofE says there could be "more than one character" on the note to appease several groups. [Band of England, YouTube]