The iPad Pro's Killer Feature? Doubling Up as a Cash Register

By Gerald Lynch on at

Who needs an iPad Pro, amirite? If the iPad Mini taught us anything, it's that people want their gadgets smaller, not larger. But "people", as in the average consumer, may prove not to be Apple's main market for the iPad Pro. Rather, if a new rumour is to be believed, it's the small business owner that Apple is targeting.

The iPad Pro is said to include NFC functionality which, when paired with Apple's Apple Pay contactless payments system, would allow for the tablet to double up as a cash register.

While this won't mean much for larger established businesses, smaller merchants and travelling salesmen could have a cash-free payment system, inventory manager and business planner all in one device. Plus, a big screen to watch YouTube clips on when trade is a bit slow.

iPad Pro Pen?

Further pushing the tablet's productivity credentials, the oversized iPad (said to be around 13 inches in size) is expected to be accompanied by a stylus pen. This would put Apple in direct competition with Microsoft's Surface and Samsung's Note tablets, though Apple may have an ace up its sleeve with the Force Touch input that debuted on the new MacBook. As with the Surface's pen, it would allow for greater levels of sensitivity with pen input, allowing for detailed sketches, or shortcuts triggered simply by pushing down harder on the screen. It's already hard at work on the Apple Watch, and paired with a pen it could attract arty types as well as business folk.

Other than that, we're back to more standard rumour land for the iPad Pro. A USB C reversible charging port is expected to feature (though a Lightning port has appeared in some leaks, too), while a new A-Series processor that's more powerful than the one found in the iPad Air 2 seems a safe bet.

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