The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

It always seems like a hassle when you buy new tech, doesn't it? I mean the pay off is great, but you have to spend time setting it up and making sure it's got everything you had on your old device. Especially if you're switching browsers and need your bookmarks copying across. Blimey, that's annoying.

Speaking of installing software, here are a few things you should be plonking onto your phone/tablet this week.

iPhone Apps

Santander Cycles: London's bike hire scheme was rebranded a couple of months ago, and that rebrand has made it to the apps world. Not only can you pay and release your bike from the app, without having to deal with the terminals – you can also find the nearest hire station, and plan your journeys. The only thing it won't do is reserve you a bike, you'll have to find one yourself. [Free]

Wifi Mapper: It doesn't matter where you are, we all want to have access to the internet to keep up to date with every last bit of information. But what if you don't have any mobile data? Wifi Mapper will direct you to over 500 million free Wi-Fi hotspots all over the world, along with info on the venue in question. God knows you can't surf the internet in a place that serves terrible coffee. [Free]

HuffPost Realtime: If you want to keep up with news and and when it happens, then this might be one to check out. HuffPost Realtime gives you real-time updates when any new articles are published on any of the Huffington Post's 13 international editions. That's 20,000 articles for those of you keeping up. You can even personalise what updates you get, so you're not constantly bombarded with junk. [Free]

Knocker: Looking for a new place to live? Finding them isn't always easy, and Knocker wants to give you a new way of finding stuff around you. It uses your geographic location to find properties around you, and you can swipe through them to find something that suits your needs. [Free]

Supercard by Travelex: Banks can be quite nefarious when it comes to slapping charges onto your credit card when you're abroad, so how would you like to get around that? Supercard links up to up to five of your credit/debit cards so that when you spend the bank sees it as a transaction in the UK, rather than abroad. If you're abroad it's completely free to use, but if you use it in the UK you will be charged a small amount per transaction. The only problem here is that Supercard is limiting the number of people who sign up, so for now you're going to have to register and wait. [Free]

iPad Apps

Paper by FiftyThree: This one has been around for a while, and it lets you turn your iPad into a digital notebook for jotting down ideas, sketching, and more. It's been updated, and that brings in new features that lets you create your own flowcharts, add colour to your notes, and the ability to rearrange shapes as you see fit. It can also link with other apps, like Powerpoint and Dropbox, to export your work there. It does have 'in-app purchases' but right now they don't seem to cost anything, which is always good. [Free]

Nikon SLR Skills -- Volume One: If you have an expensive camera then you might as well learn how to use it properly. That's what Nikon SLR Skills is for. Specifically designed with amateurs in mind, using tips from the UK's best photojournalists. It's all in depth, jargon-free, and has levels of interactivity to help you make the most of your camera. [£4.99]

Sunrise Calendar: Sunrise Calendar has received praise for its design in the past, and now it's been updated with a lot of cool new features. It's called Meet, and it's an iOS 8 keyboard that lets you schedule meetings without having to navigate anywhere. You send free spots in your schedule to someone, they pick a time that's best for them and it gets automatically added to your calendar. [Free]

Shpock: A Craigslist/Gumtree-type service, Shpock can be used to browse classifieds adverts. But not just any adverts, the things listed here are all designated as 'beautiful' in your local area. Buyers can browse to their heart's content, and sellers can list their items quickly and hassle free. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

SoundCloud: The music-based service's app has just had an update, and they're there to make your experience much better. New search suggestions makes finding music easier, 1Password integration makes signing in even easier, password recovery is now simplified, and now there's Airplay integration for a second-screen experience. [Free]

Android Apps

HTC Zoe: Zoe is the video-creation app once exclusive to the HTC One M8. It's not been exclusive for a while now, but it has been updated with some cool new bits and pieces. That includes Chromecast streaming, improved content reordering, and new upload functions that make it easier to try again if the connection breaks halfway through. [Free]

A5 Browser: There are many browsers on Android, but if you want something fast and lightweight then A5 might be worth checking out. It's not too dissimilar from most browsers, like one-touch navigation, download history, voice search, and easily changeable default search engines on top of the usual suspects. The size is what sets it apart. The app is only 500KB, and it's so fast that it works just fine on the slowest of data connections. No connection failures when there's only 2G signal here. [Free]

Bleep: BitTorrent's long-awaited messaging service that promises to be completely anonymous for all parties. Bleep, like many other messengers, offers you the chance to call, text, and chat without incurring any cost to yourself. There's also 'whisper', a chat option that doesn't store any conversation history. The best part about Bleep is that you don't need to make an account, all you need is an email address or a phone number and you're good to go. [Free]

Feed Me - Restaurant Coupons: Tired of paying full price for eating out? Maybe you can't decide where to eat? Feed Me could be of use to you. It's a coupon app, with an upvote/downvote system of deciding what's good or not. This means that you'll find lots of offers for places in the nearby area, and you can be sure that you're seeing the best of the lot. Who doesn't like saving a bit of money? {Free]

Voxel Maker: If you're one for 3D modelling, and you want to do more of it when you're away from your main machine, this is one to try. Voxel Maker lets you create your own 3D images in a blocky design style. Once you've done that, it'll render them with full light and shadowing effects. It's fairly basic, but you do get a decent amount of creative control over your models. [£3.95]

Windows Phone Apps

Untappd: You might remember this one from a while back. Untappd is an app focussed on the social discovery of beer and beer enthusiasts. The update it's just had is fairly small, but it has a nice new feature that tells you when beer on your wish list is nearby. That's handy for all the beer-lovers out there. [Free]

Marriot International: If you're travelling, you want your hotel experience to go as smoothly as possible. If you're staying in a Marriot this app will do just that. Not only can you search and book rooms from within the app, you can also use it to check in and out, as well as making special requests for your room. [Free]

iD Mobile: As you may have already seen, Carphone Warehouse has launched its own mobile network called iD. Those of you who are planning on taking advantage of its plans and deals will need to add this to your application repertoire. From the app you'll be able to check on your remaining allowances, pay your bills, buy extra add-ons, and everything else you'd need to manage your account. [Free]

National Rail Enquiries: Travelling by train is no picnic, especially if you don't have the right resources to check up train times. The app has real-time train information on departure and arrival times for trains across the country (including London Underground and DLR), journey planning tools, travel alerts, the option to pin your journeys to your home screen, as well as the ability to buy tickets without leaving the app. [Free]

Hyperlapse Mobile: Tired of long, shaky video footage? Hyperlapse is here to save the day, condensing your video into a single hyperlapse video. Nobody wants to watch a five hour video of your bike ride, but a hyperlapse a couple of minutes long? That's totally manageable. [Free]