What Can We Learn About Tech CEOs From Their Signatures?

By Nick Cowen on at

Ever think back to the first time you tried out your own John Hancock? You'd seen grown-ups scrawl their signature on everything from cheques to documents to the odd note to get you out of going to school. You knew one day you too would have to scribble on legally binding documents, so you endlessly sat down to practise your signature.

What you probably didn't know at the time was that one day some handwriting expert may take a look at your signature and be able to determine certain characteristics in your personality, ingrained in the loops and dots on your name. The study of graphology allows experts to analyse handwriting, which reveals the psychological state of the writer at the time of writing and even evaluate their personality traits.

With that in mind, it's worth taking a look at the picture below, which has a gander at the signatures of some of the tech industry's biggest names – past and present.

Steve Jobs's signature, for example, seems to indicate that he was aggressive and impatient, while at the same time always looking to the future. Microsoft's Satya Nadella's scrawl, on the other hand, reveals a relaxed approach to business, although the man is apparently still very aware of his own authority. Steve Wozniak uses his nickname, 'Woz' on documents, which shows he has an independent streak and an abundance of confidence in his own abilities, which, let's face it, is totally justified.

They're all situated in the image below. Have a gander. Then have a think about what your signature says about you. (Click on the image to see if full size in another window.)