Xbox One Update Lets You Switch the Console on With a Tablet

By Nick Cowen on at

For those Xbox One owners who have always wanted to be able to switch on their console before even plonking their butts on the sofa, Microsoft's Xbox One May update has answered some prayers.

According to a post from Major Nelson, the latest update allows Xbox One players to power up and power down their console using the Smartglass app on either a tablet or phone, provided it's on the same network as their gaming machine. So, yeah, you can leap out of bed, tap your app and have your Xbox One running while you sling coffee in your face.

Other new features include the ability to send and receive voice messages using the Xbox One messages app, and the new option to switch your power mode between Instant-on or Energy-saving mode. Nelson also announced that the update will enable dedicated party chat servers so your lousy connection won't get in the way of you yelling abuse at fellow Call Of Duty players.

These are features that Xbox One players have been clamouring for, apparently, so hopefully the entire user base is satiated for at least the next couple of week. Woo. And indeed, hoo!