Apple Music is Paying Just 0.2 US Cents Per Stream

By James O Malley on at

Apple's forthcoming streaming music service hit headlines earlier this week after incurring the wrath of Taylor Swift, but new revelations about royalties make you wonder if there will be continued "Bad Blood" between the singer and the corporation.

BetaNews spotted the New York Times reporting that streams on the new service will earn artists a blistering 0.2 cents. If this doesn't sound like much, it is because it probably isn't.

When BetaNews crunched the numbers, it found that after applying a complicated formula, Spotify dishes out somewhere between 0.6 cents and 0.84 cents per listen.

Brilliantly, they took this meagre pay rate further - and figured out that for an artist to earn a dollar, they'd need to have 500 plays - but less obviously, if you actually want to listen to 500 tracks, it'll probably take you around 1.2 days all in all. Yikes.

The upshot is that we'd wager that the war between artists and Apple isn't over yet. And if Taylor Swift does want to write another open letter complaining to Apple, then she'll need to to have 25 fans listen to one of her songs in order to pay for the US postage stamp. [BetaNews]

Correction: An eagle-eyed commenter below has spotted that we misplaced a decimal place on our Spotify streaming figures, which we have now corrected.