This Adorable Animation Shows How We Monitor the Weather From Space

By James O Malley on at

Next time you check the weather app on your phone, don't forget to thank the people who make it possible. Whilst it may seem pretty simple, monitoring and predicting the weather is tricky business - as demonstrated in this new information by EUMETSAT, the organisation which looks after European weather satellites.

EUMETSAT has a whole network of satellites - including MetOp, which travels around the Earth in polar orbit, and Meteosats - which sit in geostationary orbit above certain points. It is the data they collect which is sent on to the various national weather agencies, such as The Met Office. Basically, it ain't easy.

The animation is voiced by Adam Rutherford, whose voice you may recognise from the BBC's Inside Science, and was produced by DC Turner and Tracy King, who also made this brilliant animation for Tim Minchin's Storm.

(Full Disclosure: I'm friends with DC Turner and Tracy King, but I think the EUMETSAT animation is objectively great!)