New Top Gear Will See Jeremy Clarkson Replaced by Dozens of Celebrities

By Gerald Lynch on at

Think what you like about him, but there's no denying that Jeremy Clarkson left some big shoes to fill when he was axed from BBC driving show Top Gear. With rumours that he's taking fellow hosts Richard Hammond and James May with him to Netflix for a brand new show, the BBC is now having to think creatively to replace him.

And it's a pretty drastic approach the Beeb are considering, according to the Independent. Seemingly conceding that no single person is a match for the might of Clarkson, the Beeb is apparently looking to use a different presenter every week for the next series of Top Gear. It's a technique they're not unfamiliar with, having used a similar process to replace Angus Deayton on Have I Got News For You? Exactly who those TV personalities will be remains unclear, but given that the BBC was looking to offer Hammond and May £1 million each to stay with the show, it's not as if the BBC is short of cash with which to court talent.

Clarkson was sacked from Top Gear (or at least his contract wasn't renewed, which more or less amounts to the same thing) for hitting producer Oisin Tymon, the latest in a long-line of offensive acts the presenter had carried out. Still, Snoop Dogg had his back.

Regardless of what the future holds for Top Gear, it's a brand that's become too big to fail. The show makes as much as £150 million a year for the BBC, not only through local broadcasts but through the sales of books, live shows and global distribution channels for repeat viewings. Netflix, keen to snap up the money-making presenting trio, are said to be concocting a show called "House of Cars", a vehicle for Clarkson, May and Hammond that plays on the popularity of Netflix's other original show, House of Cards. No finalised deal has been announced, but of all the rumours surrounding the future of Top Gear's current cast, it's the most persistent. [Independent]