Star Wars Featurette Maker Wants The Crowd to Pay for Black Angel Remake

By Gary Cutlack on at

The maker of the lost (then found, then redistributed) short film that accompanied the original theatrical release of The Empire Strikes Back in the UK is back, with director Roger Christian asking for $100k to remake his Black Angel short as a proper feature, seeing as everyone's excited about anything even the slightest bit related to Star Wars again.

Christian's Indiegogo campaign says that John Rhys-Davies and Rutger Hauer are already committed to being in the thing, should it get made with a small portion of your money. And you can be in it too if you can rustle up a $1,000 contribution to the fund, as there are 10 spots reserved for backers to bag roles as extras in the film.

$5,000 even gets you a speaking part, so you could be the next generation's Admiral Ackbar. Other funding tiers include getting some experience in the production, art and editing areas of the filmmaking world, should you want that sort of thing on your future self's CV, plus the director's selling off one of his prized assets, with a $20k funding contribution winning the backer a slice of the negative from the first Star Wars film that was given to Christian by George Lucas. [Indiegogo]