Nvidia's GTX 980 Ti: Now You Can Game in 4K Without Breaking the Bank

By James O Malley on at

Nvidia has announced the latest iteration of its GTX graphics hardware - the GTX 980 Ti, which the company claims will set you up for gaming in 4K, with a maximum digital resolution of 5120x3200 (which is actually even bigger than 4K).

The new flagship graphics processor boasts 6GB of memory and 2816 CUDA cores to crunch all of the data - with support for DirectX 12 too.

The Maxwell-based architecture will apparently support "conservative raster and volume tiled resources", which we understand to mean "it will make your games look very pretty". Given the high performance, it'll be pretty good for VR early adopters too, so Oculus Rift owners may want to take a look.

Nvidia has also said it has improved on power consumption, heat and noise generation - meaning that you could conceivably use it in a small form-factor PC.

Perhaps most excitingly, as with other graphics cards, you can plug in up to four displays - meaning that you'll be able to experience the full horrors of war as seen in the likes of Battlefield as if you're actually there.

Perhaps most appealingly, the GTX 980 Ti looks set to not cost the Earth - whilst it is comparable in spec to its big brother, the Titan X, it will be a much more affordable means of joining the 4K cool kids. It will be retailing in the US for $649 - which works out at about £430 over here.