The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

One of the few wearables I actually use regularly is a contactless payment band, because it's actually useful and means I don't need to have my wallet with me all the time. But at times I felt it wasn't enough. What about a wearable that also integrated a fitness tracker and some way of using loyalty cards? Then I realised that exists. It's called a smartwatch.

So yeah, brain fail on my part. But let's forget about that gaffe and move onto something better: the mobile apps.

iPhone Apps

Retype: Adding text to images is all the rage in the age of the internet meme, but most of the generators you find just add boring white text onto the image. Retype, on the other hand, has a whole bunch of tools to let you add some great looking typography to your images. That means multiple fonts and colours, 3D layering, and a nice simple interface. [£2.29]

Timeline Trip London: Have you ever found yourself wandering round London and wondered what happened there in days gone by? Timeline Trip uses your GPS location to find out all the secrets and stories hiding in plain sight. It goes through five separate eras, from Tudor times to now, to show you how London has evolved. [Free]

Weengs: Sending stuff off for delivery can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you get stuck if there are more than four people waiting at the Post Office. Weengs is designed to make sending parcels easy and hassle free. Basically, it's a courier service, but all you need to do to send something is to snap a picture of it. Not only will they turn up within 15 minutes of requesting a pick-up (during the day), Weengs will even package whatever you're sending with no extra charge. It's also designed to be cost effective, which is always a plus. [Free]

LiPP: LiPP is an app designed for dubbing over video clips with whatever you want. Got an adorable video of a cat, and you want it to say something amusing? Redub it with LiPP. What about somebody doing a crazy stunt? Redub it. Anything you like can be dubbed over, as long as it's not video more than 15 seconds long. Which, come to think of it, is actually a bit limiting... [Free]

Binder: The internet has made it incredibly easy to find a new special someone, but what about getting rid of the person you're dating? Binder does that by letting you dump your other half with a single swipe. Easy! Just be aware, Binder is not meant to be serious. It's a joke, don't actually dump someone this way, you heartless, heartless person.[Free]

iPad Apps

The Championships, Wimbledon 2015: Today is a big day in the world of tennis, as it's the start of the 2015 Wimbledon tournament. You could glue yourself to the TV, but this app lets you stream the entire tournament on your iPad. That's the whole tournament, including the matches that the BBC relegates to 're button' status. On top of that you also have real time results, a full schedule, and plenty of commentary. [Free]

Adobe Premiere Clip: If you want to quickly stitch together a bunch of clips into one single video, then you've come to the right place with Premiere Clip. Add some visual polish, throw in some music from the built-in stock soundtracks (or use your own music!), and send it over to the Creative Cloud for fine-tuning if you want some more in-depth editing done. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

WantList: If you're looking to make some additions to your wardrobe, WantList is a great way to find the things you need to buy. It uses a Tinder-esque swiping system to present fashion items, and you get to choose what you want and what you don't. It's also got a brand new feature called 'Inspiration' which comes with content that complements your shopping experience. That means news on the latest trends, interviews, and editorial content. [Free]

Medium: This one is similar to a blogging service, where people write and share words on things that matter to them. This is the official mobile app that lets you create those words, and discover things other people have written and shared. This new version lets you create multiple drafts, as well as including the 'Highlight Responses' feature that lets you write an article in response to someone else's work. [Free]

Her Story:  A murder mystery game that puts you in the roll of a police investigator trying to solve an old murder, this game has you doing that by searching the police database and watching video clips of a woman who's husband has gone missing. It's a pretty interesting concept, and if you're into detective dramas it's a must play. [£3.99]

Android Apps

National Trust: The National Trust protects over 550 different locations across England Wales and Northern Ireland, and this app is the perfect tool to help you to find one to visit. The app has everything you need to organise a visit, including high-res photos of everything each location has to offer. You can make a note of places you want to visit, keep track of National Trust sites you already have visited, and to top that off it all works offline so you can use the app without needing a mobile internet connection. Handy when you're out frolicking in the countryside. [Free]

Microsoft Word: Microsoft Office has been available as a beta for a while on Android, but now all three apps have been officially released on the Google Play store. That means Word, Excel, and Powerpoint are available to you all. You've got the familiar look and feel of the Office apps, but designed and optimised for Android phones and tablets. Perfect for working on the go. You do need an Office 365 subscription to unlock everything, though. [Free -- with optional subscription]

Intel Remote Keyboard: There are plenty of remote input tools available on Android, but this is the first from a big-name company. It's a complete virtual keyboard and mouse, compatible with Windows 8.1. Nice and simple, just connect your device by scanning the on-screen QR code. [Free]

IF by IFTTT: We all know about IFTTT, the internet of things enabler that functions on the premise of automating tasks around the phrase 'if this, then that'. It's had a major overhaul, being rebranded as IF and has a bunch of new features. There's a new battery monitor channel, filled with battery related recipes, and you can now use it to toggle things like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. [Free]

Todoist: Todoist is generally considered to be one of the best to-do apps out there, letting you visualise your productivity, plan and organise everything you need to do, and collaborate with others. It's been updated now, coming with a brand new Material Design-esque interface, customisable themes, quick add features, sub tasks, and much more. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

Starbucks Locator: So you need your coffee fix, but you don't just want any coffee. You want the fancy coffees and frappuccinos sold at Starbucks, and contrary to popular belief they are not on every street corner. That's what this app is for, finding the nearest Starbucks branches in your surrounding area. There's also a slight update, which makes it possible to filter your searches and increased visibility of branches that are currently closed. [Free]

Toonia Colorbook: Stuffing kids in front of an electronic device is an easy way to keep them entertained. Rather than letting them play games all day though, why not let them enjoy this 21st century colouring book? Toonia Colorbook has 128 different pages to colour in, so should keep them entertained for hours. Heck, you could also use it to see if you're still able to stay within the lines. [Free]

WhatsApp: The Facebook-owned messaging service is a little bit behind on Windows Phone, but it's just had a big boost in the form of voice calling. So now you can save all those precious network-allocated minutes by using data or Wi-Fi instead. [Free]

bizview: Owning or running a website is a bit stressful, and one of the things you need to deal with is monitoring the analytics to see who's viewing the site. bizview promises to be the most fully featured Google Analytics app available on Windows, offering real time information on what's going on. You can even add features to the live tile screen to save opening the app. [Free]

Fat to Fit 7 Minute Workout: We don't all have time to deal with the full gym workout, and if you want to lose a few pounds then the famed seven minute workout is there for you. This app doesn't need you to even look at your phone, since it comes with audio and voice prompts, and it's all easy to understand and follow. Losing weight just got a little bit easier. [£0.99]