Vodafone 4G Roaming Now Extends to the Carribean

By Gerald Lynch on at

I'm looking out the window as gale force winds seem intent on having some sort of elemental wrestling match with a tree. The tree is losing. It is summer, in London. And then a press release from Vodafone comes in listing off a bunch of exotic locations. Why must you mock me, Vodafone?

But at least the network brings good news! It's announcing that it will be extending its WorldTraveller roaming plans to support a number of new locations around the Caribbean. Bermuda, El Salvador, Panama, Guyana and Suriname are among 22 new destinations supported by WorldTraveller, which lets Vodafone customers enjoy their local 4G data, call and text allowances for a £5 daily fee when abroad. Kicking off from June 15th, find more info at the source. [Vodafone]