KFC Spends Money on 'Memories Bucket' Printer Meme

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Canadian wing of KFC has, perhaps, if we pretend really hard to not know about how such things work, made a printer for visitors to its chain-store meat-churches to use to print out selfies of themselves taken while cautiously peeling off a layer of batter to see what kind of substance lurks beneath.

It is a new way to make "memories around a bucket," according to a promotional video that simultaneously promotes and mocks the company's own product and previous fast food marketing. Here, let's carry on pretending the KFC "Memories Bucket" is a real thing, as the chicken chain has obviously spent a lot of money on doing the joke:

Gosh, I certainly can't wait to enjoy a mass produced chicken meal and then print out some photos of my satisfied, greasy face as a memento of the experience, images I'll be able to pass on to my grandchildren to show them that, before the Great Food Wars of the 2030s and 2040s that killed 70 per cent of the planet's population, meat was actually plentiful and very easy to come by. [YouTube via Ubergizmo]