Samsung Galaxy Note 5 May Arrive in August to Avoid iPhone Clash

By Gary Cutlack on at

This year's most enormous-est Samsung smartphone could see its launch date brought forward, for a couple of reasons; to help prop-up Samsung's mobile division's sales numbers for 2015 amid apparent Galaxy S5 and S6 number disappointments, and to avoid the embarrassment of launching a new kind of telephone after Apple reveals its latest iPhone models in September.

According to the WSJ, a source close enough to Samsung to get the odd email from people who work there says the traditional autumn launch of the Note series update will be moved to mid-August this year, primarily so Samsung can then say "Ha ha, look at Apple copying us!" on social media when the new iPhones are then launched several weeks later.

The arrival of the iPhone 6 Plus is presumably the reason for the rumoured change in launch strategy, with Samsung's popular big-screened option no doubt losing a few sales to its rival's new larger option. Reuters quotes HDC Asset Management manager Park Jung-hoon as saying: "I don't know how much the earlier launch will help boost the company's average selling price for smartphones, but this suggests that Samsung will work hard to maintain its market share for the high-end market." [WSJ]