Snake Expert Called to Remove Dangerous... Stripy Cable

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Welsh snake expert was called out at 2:30am by a panicked local man, who was terrified that a deadly red and black snake was on the loose in his house. What happened next will make you shake your head a bit at how stupid some people can be.

A man in Cardiff went so far as to call the police believing a deadly snake had entered his house -- probably in some bananas or pineapples or something exotic his wife bought from the supermarket and would never get around to eating before they went mouldy but that's not actually mentioned -- with the police contacting local snake enthusiast Geraint "Snakeman" Hopkins to take a look at the thing.

Seeing as the call came in at 2:30am, Hopkins asked the snake-afflicted man to send him a photograph of it, to save him having to put his trousers on and go out to Llanelli to see it for himself. Hopkins explained: "I asked them if they could send me a picture instead. After looking at the picture the gentleman said he realised it was actually a red and black lead. When I told the police they thought I was joking, and then when they realised I was telling the truth, they couldn't believe it." [Lanelli Star]

Image credit: Red snake from Shutterstock