Star Wars: All the Changes Made to the Original Trilogy in Lucas's Post-Post-Production

By Gary Cutlack on at

No film has ever been revisited and reworked as much as the original Star Wars, with George Lucas for some reason motivated and allowed to forever return to it to remix, re-edit and rework for new generations of kids. And here, to bridge and unite generations once more, is an easily digestible compilation of what's been changed.

The first two edits show side-by-side, shot-for-shot and effect-for-effect changes made to the 1977, 2004 and 2011 reissues of Episode IV, with YouTube user Marcelo Zuniga clearly driving himself quite mad over a long period of time to build the composites. Get yourself a coffee and at least half a packet of biscuits, it's going to take a while:

The changes made to the first Star Wars show that in 1977 it wasn't Han or Greedo who shot first, but an accidental discharge of a weapon by one of the aliens in the bar. Amazing.

And those are the changes made to The Empire Strikes Back, showing that the effects budget of the 1980 original was so low that the Death Star was first portrayed by an orange on a string that had been painted black and had "Death Star" written on it in Tippex, before George Lucas reworked it for the 1997/ 2011 editions.

And that's how Return of the Jedi looked before and after. Amazing to think that the ewoks were originally just socks with embroidered faces on them when the film was first released back in 1983. [Shortlist]