Tesco Self-Service Checkouts Removing Unwanted Voiceovers From Bagging Area

By Gerald Lynch on at

"IT'S THE FUTURE" was most people's somewhat naive initial response to the introduction of self-service checkouts at supermarkets. We were promised fewer queues, quicker purchases and no raised eyebrows from cashiers as two-litre tubs of Vaseline were bought alongside some halibut and a copy of Razzle. Little did we know the hell we were to endure from mandatory over 18 booze ID checks and the dreaded words "unexpected item in bagging area."

However, on the odd occasion you do manage to use a self-service checkout without a hiccup, they do prove remarkably speedy. And so, in an effort to restore goodwill to the robo-tills, Tesco is revamping its self-service checkouts with brand new voiceover work and a few fresh phrases.

The news that Tesco's do-it-yourself checkouts are dropping the infamous ""unexpected item in bagging area" line is likely the most welcome of announcements, but it's just one of six annoying phrases getting the chop. They'll be replaced by "softer", "more customer-friendly" phrases, spoken by a new male voice, which you can hear below:

The new voice has already been working hard in a small number of trial stores including Hatfield, Peterborough, Edinburgh and Kensington. It will be introduced in all of Tesco’s UK stores by the end of October, so rile at that bagging area while you've still got the excuse. [Tesco]

Image Credit: Tesco PLC (Flickr)