Those Stupid/Great Amazon Dash Buttons Have Rolled Out in the US

By Darren Orf on at

Amazon Dash buttons are either the peak of convenience or a step toward a commercial-rampant apocalypse, but whatever ideological camp you set up your tent in, you can know that they exist. The amazingly awful and awfully amazing brand-specific buttons sell for $5 to Prime members.

The way these technological terrors/wonders works is you buy one (out of 18 separately branded) buttons, and stick it in your pantry or laundry room or bathroom or dorm room or nursery or whatever, set up the button through your Amazon Prime account so you get exactly what you want, and then press it. Bam! The item is ordered and shipped. Here’s all the #brands on offer.

You Can Now Buy Those Stupid/Great Amazon Dash ButtonsPerfect for any young parent/college-aged human/or the obsessively cleanly.

The Dash Button feels like a hardware middle-ground, between shifting your arse to the shops, and some smart device knowing when you’re low on stuff and prompting you through a universal app (or maybe just ordering it for you).

What are your thoughts, from a UK perspective? What Dash buttons would you have hooked up if this was in the UK? Ginsters pasties and Pot Noodles?