Windows 10 Mobile Not Launching Until November

By James O Malley on at

From today PC users can install Windows 10 - but mobile users may have a longer wait, as a "November timeframe" is now being anticipated.

According to iAfrica (by way of our pals at TechRadar) Anthony Doherty from Microsoft South Africa has said that November is when mobile users can expect the new OS.

Previously we had been expecting a September or October release.

Whilst this may seem a long way away, the good news for us at least is that there is still a chance that Doherty was referring to the South African release, which would conceivably be later than the US and Western Europe.

Windows 10 mobile, when it does launch, is expected to further advance integration between Windows in its different form factors, introducing support for so-called "Universal Apps", which only have to be written once by developers but will run across Windows on phones, tablets, desktop and even Xbox. One other feature we're looking forward to is the baking in of Skype, which will see OS-level integration into contact books and messaging. [TechRadar]