Woman Filmed Watching Masterchef While Driving

By James O Malley on at

Being able to watch the BBC iPlayer offline by downloading shows to your tablet is a brilliant innovation... but it doesn't mean that you should be catching up on Masterchef when behind the wheel.

According to The Mirror, professional driver Luke Page spotted a woman watching the cookery show on a windscreen-mounted tablet while driving along the A127 in Essex.

Dispensing some good old-fashioned mob justice, Page reminds her that it is illegal to watch telly while driving, and ominously warns her "this is going on Facebook!"

She was apparently also drinking a cup of tea.

Apparently after the video went only and garnered over 100,000 views, the woman voluntarily handed herself into Police, and Page defended the accusation that he too was breaking the law by filming her by saying that he was only filming her in stationary traffic, whereas she would presumably continue watching at 70mph. [The Mirror]