3D Tube Maps Show Internals of 120 London Stations

By Gary Cutlack on at

An enterprising man in pursuit of the Ultimate Route through some of the more complex underground London Tube stations has managed to extract 3D maps of 120 locations from London Underground, using a Freedom of Information request to get transport bosses to release some lovely internal station drawings. Behold, some lovely 3D tube maps.

The maps are axonometric diagrams so aren't entirely to scale, plus they've been redacted slightly to remove personal contact details, but otherwise show every tunnel, platform, escalator and secret stairwell that makes up most subterranean London Underground portals.

Here, because it's easily the most baffling and most frequently cordoned-off, is what Bank looks like on the inside:


No wonder you always see so many tourists crying down there with their wheelie suitcases full of clothes they suddenly regret packing. The full list of PDFs and maps, broken down by each tube line, can be found over at the What Do They Know? freedom of information request portal.

The man's original request read: "I'm interested in maps that show all public entrances/exits and corridors in Tube interchange stations. So to clarify: This would be a map showing platforms, entrances/exits and every way passengers can use under normal conditions to make their way out of the station or to a different line," which sounds like he's building a Best Ways to Exit a Station app. [What Do They Know? via Ian Visits]