EE Recalls Power Bar Accessories Because They Might Explode

By James O Malley on at

EE launched its Power Bar accessory earlier this year with a blaze of publicity. The idea was that you could use the USB charger to add some extra juice to your phone - and if you're out and run out of battery, you could always go into an EE shop and exchange it for a new one that was fully charged up.

Great idea, but it turns out that some of the devices had a hidden bonus feature: The ability to possibly cause fire. After customer reports of the chargers exploding, the company has now recalled any power bars with "Model No: E1-06" written on the side. If you have one, don't use it and send it back to EE pronto, or else this might happen:


According to the Indy the potentially dodgy chargers represent about 500,000 of the 2 million power bars in circulation. EE says that other models should be unaffected. [Independent]