Gordon's Alive! Gordon the Gopher is Back in BBC Comedy Short

By James O Malley on at

Readers in their late 20s and early 30s will have fond memories of watching Gordon the Gopher in The Broom Cupboard and on Going Live. But, it turns out, he isn't dead.

Instead he's living an Alan Partridge-like existence, trying to get back on the telly as you can see in this new comedy short from the BBC, in which Gordon goes for a job interview at the BBC's new base in Salford.

In a bold move, Gordon also now has a voice courtesy of non-other than Warwick Davis. And it seems we could see more if the short is successful as it has been included as part of the experimental BBC Taster project, which tries out weird new types of content as something of a 'skunk works' for the BBC as a whole.

Here's hoping that Otis the Aardvark gets a cameo in any future series as let's face it, he could use the work. [BBC]