Keep This Clumsy Mr. Bean Minifigure Away From Your Favourite Lego Sets

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Lego won’t officially make one, but if you head on over to you can grab this Lego-compatible Minifig version of Mr. Bean—complete with a tweed blazer—that’s ready to wreak havoc on your many sets.

At £9.95 it’s not a cheap addition to your celebrity Minifig collection, but right now this is the only way to get a tiny Rowan Atkinson. And remember, with the right accessories and body swaps, you’re not just buying Mr. Bean, you’re also buying the many iterations of Blackadder if that makes it any easier to justify ordering one. [ via Brick Fanatics]

This article originally appeared on Leg Godt, a Gizmodo blog on the wonder of bricks, bricks and more bricks