The BBC Can't Compete With Moneybags Netflix for Royal TV Show

By James O Malley on at

The BBC has lost out on making The Crown, an epic new TV show following the life of the Queen because Netflix has much deeper pockets, according to one Beeb executive.

According to the Independent Director of Television Danny Cohen was speaking at Edinburgh International Television Festival, and complained that the corporation had been outspent on something that you might expect the BBC to be good at: Stuffy dramas about the Royal family.

“[The Crown] is a classic BBC subject – we couldn’t compete with the amount of money that Netflix were prepared to pay for that production, even though we would have loved to have been a co-producer with Netflix on it.”

The new show is being written by Peter Morgan who also wrote Helen Mirren hit The Queen and will follow the Monarch's life over her six decades on the throne. Unfortunately for the BBC though, Netflix stumped up more cash, splashing out £100m to get the series and its planned six seasons.

Apparently Cohen also suggested the series be a co-production between Auntie and Netflix, but it appears that rights issues got in the way, with Netflix wanting to lock down global rights for itself, with no room for the BBC.

So forget House of Cards and Daredevil: get ready to binge-watch sixty hours of thrilling Queen Elizabeth II action in the not-so-distant future. [The Independent]