AA Complains Bus Lane Cameras are "Entrapment"

By James O Malley on at

Cameras that fine drivers who steer into bus lanes are worse than speed cameras, and are essentially entrapment, according to the Automobile Association.

According to ITV the so-called "rat traps" are lucrative business for local authorities with one bus lane on Clapham Park Road in London raking in £6m for Lambeth Council.

The problem is that bus lane usage is less clear-cut than a speed camera where the only test is whether someone is driving too fast. Though cars aren't supposed to use bus lanes, there can be legitimate reasons. For example, moving over to let an emergency services vehicle pass or moving into a bus lane that turns into a left filter lane early for safety reasons.

Apparently "around" (it isn't clear how this weirdly specific figure was generated) 554,773 fines are generated outside of London every year - and 242,541 inside London.

AA President Edmund King said: "Whilst we support the use of bus lanes in the right places, functioning at the right times, we are totally opposed to ‘entrapment’ cameras on poorly designed or poorly signed bus lane junctions.

"We fear that too many local highway authorities have become addicted to the lucrative income from these rat traps.

"We believe that central government should intervene and investigate when fines from an individual bus lane exceed 10,000." [ITV]