Activision Targets Casual/Historical Fans With Downton Abbey Game

By Gary Cutlack on at

Mainstream lowbrow entertainment behemoths ITV and Activision have combined forces to create a surefire crossborder intergenerational smash, somehow convincing a group of adult mobile phone programmers to make a game based on costume drama Downton Abbey.

Here's how the publisher describes the Android and iOS experience known as Mysteries of the Manor, which appears to be all about clicking on parts of the screen then being amazed at photos of characters from the TV show and some words. At least it's not an FPS.

"In Mysteries of the Manor, you’ll step into the role of a newly hired staff member who was brought in to investigate a mysterious burglary. An intruder has ransacked the abbey, putting the Crawley’s family fortune in jeopardy. You’ll need to search each room and assemble the evidence if you want to get to the bottom of this whodunit."

And here's the mobile game's trailer so you have something to be angry about for the next few hours:

Mysteries of the Manor will be free-to-play so will be available to download and laugh at at no initial expense, although we strongly suspect there may just be one or two in-app purchases involved somewhere along the line. [YouTube via MCV]