Amazon's Clarkson Top Gear Alternative Could be Called "Gear Knobs"

By Gerald Lynch on at

We know it's going to Amazon. We know it's going to cost a bomb to make. But what is Jeremy Clarkson's new Top Gear-rivalling TV show going to be called? According to newly uncovered trademark documents, it could end up being quite fittingly called "Gear Knobs".

Buzzfeed has uncovered a series of trademarks registered by law firm Olswang, which has had close ties to Clarkson in the past. The trademarks cover all manner of potential uses for the name Gear Knobs, from television shows through to greeting cards, GPS apparatus and even umbrellas. With a plan like that in place, it's easy to see how the BBC's Top Gear could be worth an estimated £150 million a year in sales.

Both trademark applications for "Gear Knobs" and "Gear Nobs" were filed back in June, attributed to a newly formed company called "Newincco 1361 Ltd", also trademarking the term "Speedbird" (which some are already speculating could be an alternative show challenge segment to Top Gear's The Stig). Newincco 1361 is listed as controlled by two companies linked to law firm Olswang, with its director listed as Olswang's own Chris Mackie.

Olswang previously helped Clarkson found Bedder 6 Ltd, the company that held Top Gear's lucrative merchandising revenue, which banked the show's team a pretty penny when sold back to the BBC as part of a multi-million deal. Even if "Gear Knobs" proves to be a red-herring (which seem's unlikely, given the effort gone to here), you can be sure Clarkson and co will be lining up a similarly lucrative deal under another name. [Buzzfeed]