Beep-out With 8-bit Chiptune Covers of The Smiths

By Gary Cutlack on at

Several people of indescribably huge musical and technical ability have created not one but literally loads (nine) retro cover versions of Smiths songs, recreating the timeless classics in an 8-bit tremolo soundscape as if they were video game tunes from the 1980s.

The result is quite amazing, with beeping basslines taking the place of Johnny Marr's twanging tunes and passable midi-style interpretations of the Morrissey lyrics laid over the top. Here's a compilation of the first batch of them that includes a stunning chiptune recreation of 'This Charming Man', ideal backing music for your day's efforts:

There is also a Volume II featuring four more tracks if that's not enough, with a sparse, pitch-bending and sadly not particularly enjoyable version of 'How Soon Is Now?' saved for the very end. [YouTube via NME]