Brutally Honest Room Rental Advert Admits Small Room is "Shit"

By James O Malley on at

In what is either an admiral display of honesty from a lettings agent or some utterly genius marketing, one room rental advert has been posted to Gumtree offering a "Shit room for rent in East London".

The Evening Standard reports that the advert says "This property has to offer 3 s***ty double rooms available for single person or couple" - and adds that the room is, perhaps contrary to your now low expectations, furnished, clean and tidy.

Apparently "The wardrobe is broke on the top, tha mattress doesn't match with the base."

The listing was created by letting agent Luis Swarovski, who says that the colourful description reflects the current state of the property, which is in Mile End. He apparently told the paper that "I described it like that because of the present condition. Obviously if someone moves in it will not be like that anymore."

If you're interested in the room, it can be yours for only £120 a week. And if you're reading this from outside of the capital then yes, this really is what people in London pay for a room in a house. This is why Londoners are so miserable all of the time. [Evening Standard]