Ethical Ad Blocker Suggests Guilt-Free Reading

By Gary Cutlack on at

In a bit of a quandary about whether or not to keep you adblocker running so that some enormous media organisation can track you all over the internet and earn money from it? Probably not. But still. Pretend you are, as someone's made quite a good joke.

It's from Darius Kazemi, and is called the Ethical Ad Blocker. It's a simple Chrome extension that blocks advertising and... the entirety of any ad-funded web site. So in short, it will only let users browse pages that don't feature any form of advertising, and ideal if you've been agonising about whether or not to allow Web Site A to fill you screen with a full page advert for cars should you dare to move your mouse anywhere.

According to the maker, this means you won't inadvertently "leech free content" while browsing the internet, even if it means your resulting internet might be a little sparse and free from iPhone 7 rumour posts as a result.

The tool is built by adapting a version of the popular Adblock Plus unethical advert blocking system, with the above error page loading when it detects an ad. If nothing else, it might be fun to install on the computer of an enemy.  [Tiny Subversions]