Google Matching Donations to European Refugee Crisis

By Gerald Lynch on at

As we've highlighted before, Europe is currently facing a migrant and refugee crisis pretty much unprecedented in modern times. Families fleeing war-torn states are making harrowing journeys across land and sea, risking their lives, often without any guaranteed salvation at the end. There's lots that you can already do to help, but stepping up to the plate to bolster efforts is Google.

It's announced a new donation matching program that will see it donate at a 1:1 rate for every pound you give to the cause, up until $10 million dollars are raised through the scheme globally. This is in addition to the $1 million Google donated to front-line support groups last week. The donations received through Google will be shared between four non-profit humanitarian organisations (Doctors Without BordersInternational Rescue CommitteeSave the Children and UN High Commissioner for Refugees) which are working to provide food, shelter and medical care to those caught up in the crisis. [Google]