Google's "Nexus Protect" or AppleCare Clone Spotted on Shop Pages

By Gary Cutlack on at

Pop-up text placed within the source code of Google's own web shop appear to show that it has some sort of AppleCare clone on the way, with potential buyers of the current-gen Nexus 6 finding references to a mysterious feature known as Nexus Protect listed on its product pages.

According to Android Police, text that would populate a future sales pop-up says: "You can’t add this phone unless it has the same Nexus Protect choice as other phones in your cart. You can update your choice or purchase this phone in your next order."

Presumably this new feature will arrive alongside the expected launch of the 2015 updates of the Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 that we should see appear later this month, with it sounding like Google and/or its Nexus-making hardware partners are trying to put together some sort of helpline or service system to ease the transition to Android (or explain to buyers why there's only 6.1GB free on a phone that's advertised as coming with 16GB of space).

Hopefully we'll find out on September 29th, although these things have an annoying habit of being US-only at launch. Which is fine. We don't need as much help as them. [Android Police]