LG's Double-Sided Wave-Shaped OLED TV is Ridiculous and Wonderful

By James O Malley on at

At each of the major tech trade shows throughout the year there's always a hotly contested contest between TV manufacturers to see who can come up with the largest or most impressive new telly. And this year, the award might just go to LG.

The company demonstrated this 111 inch monster pictured above, alongside who we assume to be the engineers who developed it, because LG wouldn't be crass enough to use women as ornaments, right?

The telly is using "vertical tiling" OLED technology and isn't just curved like you expect a curved TV to be, but is instead shaped like a wave. And get this: It's double-sided too.

And whilst no doubt an impressive technical achievement it does raise one big question: Umm... why? A TV shaped like this isn't perhaps best optimised for the home unless you want your TV right in the middle of the room, and you want The One Show to weirdly bulge out certain sections of the screen. So even if LG did want to commercialise this rather than just use it as corporate dick measuring, it'll probably only ever be used for advertising displays. Or perhaps the United Nations could switch to using digital flags and the wave will make it look like they're fluttering in the wind?