London Skyline Recreated With Recycled Newspapers

By James O Malley on at

As promotional stunts go, this recreation of the London skyline with folded newspapers is rather nice. To coincide with the launch of Tearaway on PS4 Sony commissioned artist Andy Singleton to recreate some of the capital's most iconic buildings.

As you can see buildings that have been recreated include Big Ben (okay pedants, the Elizabeth Tower), the Gherkin, Tower Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral and the Oxo Tower, which has had its "OXO" shaped windows replaced with the famous PlayStation symbols, just like what happened in real life at the PS4's launch.

Creating the sculpture took over 120 hours and used over 100 discarded copies of newspapers collected from the streets of London over a ten week period. You can see those hours crunched down to just a couple of minutes here:

The final installation weighs over 300kg and is over 2m tall and its highest point.