London Zoo to be Turned Into Flats

By Gary Cutlack on at

Westminster Council has given London Zoo permission to add some new buildings to its sprawling layout, but these ones won't house animals. They're for humans, presumably quite rich humans, humans who might like to enjoy a luxury safari-style camping experience right next to the lion enclosure.

The plan is to build 10 of these cabins, then rent them out so time-poor London oil millionaires can enjoy the thrill of pretending to be somewhere exotic while also being within range of a 4G signal and able to get to work early enough to see the cleaners. The luxury camping chalets will be built next to the forthcoming Land of Lions experience, with occupants arriving when the zoo closes for a private tour and an exciting sleepover under low lighting so as not to disturb the animals too much.

Westminster Council said it's part of a plan to help the zoo keep itself in the black, explaining: "It is vital that we allow the zoo to be financially viable and we should support them."

The original plans need to be reworked first though, as the council would like the buildings to feature the same "green roofs" as the other modern buildings inside the zoo, and has asked for the zoo to use up with a higher quality of construction than originally planned. [Standard]