Massive New "Superhenge" Found Buried Underground Near Stonehenge

By James O Malley on at

Archaeologists have found what is believed to be a massive new bank of standing stones, thought to dwarf Stonehenge in scale.

According to the BBC the so-called "Superhenge" has been discovered buried underground at Durrington Walls - which is only about 1.8 miles from Stongehenge.

Apparently some of the 90 stones could have been as big as 4.5 tall and were found in an area that had not yet been studied by archaeologists. The stones were found using ground penetrating radar - essentially radar systems hauled around by quad bikes.

The speculation is that the site could have been built as much as 4500 years ago.

Prof Vincent Gafney from the University of Bradford explained the significance of the find:

“This discovery of a major new stone monument, which has been preserved to a remarkable extent, has significant implications for our understanding of Stonehenge and its landscape setting. Not only does this new evidence demonstrate a completely unexpected phase of monumental architecture at one of the greatest ceremonial sites in prehistoric Europe, the new stone row could well be contemporary with the famous Stonehenge sarsen circle or even earlier,”

It is unclear whether there are any plans to dig the stones up at present - though no one involved has said anything about heading down to the field with a shovel, so we're guessing that they're going to leave the stones where they are.